Monday, December 22, 2008


Ok, so perhaps I watch too much televison. Well, I definitely watch too much television, but that doesn’t mean I deserve to be bombarded with Billy Mays infomercials every commercial break. I mean, is there anything this guy doesn’t sell? I looked him up on You Tube, and there were no less than 12 different products he has endorsed with his trademark obnoxiousness, and his wikipedia page says he’s endorsed 55 products. FIFTY FIVE. One of these products is insurance. No joke.

My mom offhandedly advocated his murder once, I don’t remember the actual quote, but she definitely wished death on him. Personally I prefer Vince from the Sham-wow commercial—he’s just awesome.

If you aren’t familiar with this guy, I’ve added some videos after the jump, including Vince from Sham-wow. I wonder if Pop Cultured gets any $$ for posting these videos? David, do you know?

My roommate actually bought this once. It did not work very well.

And here’s Vince—I just LOVE this guy and he loves the Germans.

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